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Making a well-informed decision

A valuation report of your household contents and/or valuables for economic purposes provides a solid basis for making a well-informed decision. Economic valuations are often carried out for the purpose of tax, share-outs, voluntary sales, or other purposes with an economic reason. These valuations are usually based on market value.


Tax purposes

When you have a valuation carried out for tax purposes, the value of the possessions is determined. This is necessary for the tax declaration that must be completed to determine the tax due, for example, but can also be important in the event of gifting or divorce.

Consultancy and advice

Our  economic valuations are essential for equitable settlement and with our professional valuations, you also avoid potential tax issues or uncertainties. At Apresa, we believe it is very important to offer our clients the support they desire. We assist you in these often difficult or emotional situations with the utmost of patience.

Legally binding and professional

At Apresa, your valuation is carried out by registered appraisers. Besides, at Apresa you are assured of legally binding reports that are accepted and recognized by the revenue service and the courts, amongst others.

Valuations for share-outs

Since our valuation reports list an impartial and clear value, we can also prepare reports for the purposes of share-outs. Such reports are based on different valuation principles and provide optimal support. A valuation for the purposes of a share-out is based on the anticipated sale price at auction: the auction value.

Valuations based on liquidation value

In the event of a clearance, a claim by heirs, beneficiary acceptance (debts), or a tax declaration, the valuation of art, antiques, valuables and household effects is based on the auction proceeds from immediate sale: the liquidation value. We can also advise you on the sale of your items.

Voluntary sale

A valuation is always desirable if you wish to sell your entire collection voluntarily. As it happens, economic valuations provide you with an insight into the current market value. This information enables you to make the right decision and/or to negotiate.


An independent, impartial value appraisal

As a market leader, Apresa provides valuations for private individuals, collectors, museums, municipalities and all conceivable institutions. As independent, appraiser, we conduct valuations in the Netherlands and abroad.

Clear and reliable reporting

Apresa reports in accordance with the highest standards in respect of descriptions and details; our valuation reports comply with article 7:960 of the Dutch civil code, as a result of which our valuation reports are accepted by all insurers

Experienced and professional appraisers

Our appraisers combine their broad experience with a high level of expertise when it comes to valuing art, antiques, paintings, jewelry and other valuables. Where some of our appraisers  specialize in specific areas they all are general appraisers.

That means they are capable not only of valuing your art, antiques, paintings, jewelry and other valuables, but your household contents too. The valuation of homes or buildings calls for a different kind of expertise, which is why these valuations are carried out by colleagues from Troostwijk Taxaties B.V.

Broad experience and no stake

We possess broad experience in our field and are independent and impartial. We have no stake in sales or the insurance industry.

Personal and discreet approach

We guarantee a personal and discreet approach that is fully geared to your needs and your insurer’s conditions.

Research is central

Research is an essential component of our work. Apresa monitors various art markets closely and conducts research continually. This provides a valuable source of information that plays an important role in our organization.

Our method of operation


We first ascertain the objective, the valuation basis and the type of report required for the valuation assignment. The cost and timeline can then be discussed. We start the process once we have the client’s approval.

Valuation system

Apresa uses the Tac-Art and Trevalar valuation systems which were developed in-house. This contributes to the efficiency of the valuation process and ensures control of the entire valuation process.


During the on-site valuation visit, the appraiser will inspect the home or building following a brief preliminary discussion. The appraiser usually starts with the most time-consuming items such as jewelry, watches, or silver.

It is advisable for someone to be present to answer any queries the appraiser may have. The appraiser compiles the report after the visit. We naturally handle every valuation report with the utmost discretion and integrity.

Client satisfaction survey

Apresa sets the bar high when it comes to the quality of its products. This means that our appraisers are continuously in search of ways to improve our services.

After sending your valuation report, we invite our clients to participate in a customer satisfaction study.

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