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About Apresa

Apresa was founded on 1 January 1998 as the result of a joint venture between the Troostwijk Groep and Cunningham Lindsey Europe. Both companies had specialist departments for the valuation of art, antiques and valuables for many years. When the demand for an independent and autonomous valuations company arose in the insurance market, it was a logical step for the Troostwijk Groep and Cunningham Lindsey Europe to join forces and establish Apresa B.V.

Our Specialism

Our specialism encompasses both the old masters and modern, contemporary art in all its guises, as well as furniture, rugs, clocks, porcelain, pictures, design, Asiatica, silver and jewelry. Choosing Apresa means choosing for the security of an independent and impartial value appraisal. Apresa works in your best interests and has no stake in purchases or sales. Thanks to many years’ experience, we are trained in treating confidential information, valuable objects and their owners with discretion and integrity.

Our Services

Apresa offers customized valuations that are fully geared towards your specific needs. We also carry out risk inspections to check insured sums on behalf of insurers or intermediaries. Our services are available to private individuals as well as companies in the Netherlands, and increasingly, private individuals and companies outside of the Netherlands.

Our Employees

Apresa’s highly qualified employees are general appraisers who are capable of valuing your entire collection. Our valuation reports are accepted by all Dutch insurers.

We stand for quality— but most importantly, we stand beside you when you need us. Make an appointment by calling (088) 666 67 26 for an introductory discussion or send an e-mail to

A Troostwijk Group company

Troostwijk Group

Apresa B.V. is part of the Troostwijk Group. With over 200 employees, the Troostwijk Group has offices in the Netherlands, Belgium and Italy, and is active nationally and internationally. Our clients include private individuals, museums, companies and the government.

Since May 2017, Troostwijk has been part of the Spanish Tinsa Group. Tinsa is one of the largest valuation agencies in the world with a strong presence in Europe and Latin America. The valuations are carried out for various business economic purposes as well as for insurance purposes.

Tinsa is an expert in valuing all kinds of tangible assets and also develops software to enable institutions, companies and professionals to conduct their own valuations of real estate.
The digital solutions are used by more than 75,000 users worldwide. More than three million valuations are performed annually with this technology.

Tinsa operates in more than 25 countries and has its own offices in Europe, Latin America and Africa.

Corporate Social Responsibility


We are continuously in contact with our stakeholders to learn how they feel about Apresa and Troostwijk Group as a service provider as a whole, but also what they think about individual subareas. This is to make sure that we align our service provision and contribution to society to the expectations of our stakeholders. This may cause dilemmas, as every stakeholder has individual interests.

We believe that the best way to solve complex issues is to make sure that all parties involved work together. This belief is confirmed every day in our service provision.

Social issues

The social issues that our society struggles with require collective involvement of citizens, government and businesses. As Apresa and Troostwijk Group is part of the community, we are keen to contribute to solutions for social issues. Our expertise in a multitude of subjects makes us extremely suitable for working together towards a more transparent, sustainable society.


The world of sport continuously works to develop discovered talents. This is a goal that  Apresa and Troostwijk Group also pursues. Sport and the social aspects associated with it can be a binding factor in a successful society. This is why we support several sports organizations by enabling them to shape their social roles as well as being able to support the individual athlete in getting the best out of themselves.


Culture broadens the view on society. In today’s multicultural society, Apresa and Troostwijk Group shows its commitment by sponsoring various cultural initiatives.


Besides direct sponsoring, The Troostwijk Groep likes to sponsor (indirectly) companies who are culturally or socially involved in the society. The form of sponsoring involves valuations for insurance purposes of machinery and equipment and buildings. The Ronald McDonald Child Fund and Artis Amsterdam are two of the institutions that Troostwijk offers this type of sponsoring.

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