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When you request a valuation by Apresa, you receive a report that is recognised by insurers or other relevant institutions.

Insurers and brokers

Thanks to years of collaboration with small and large players in the insurance market, Apresa has a great deal of experience in providing valuation solutions.

Family Office

A family’s art collection is a valuable asset. But exactly how much is it worth and what share of the family’s total assets does it represent?


Government institutions own or manage particular objects and are often responsible for the effective conservation of art and heritage.

Corporate Collection

Many companies collect art for different reasons. For some companies, art is very important for a positive atmosphere on the floor.


For many museums, insuring and valuing the collection is a choice between budget and risk management.

Art Administrator

Apresa regularly works with art administrators of large private and corporate collections. A strategy is then devised in collaboration with the appraisers.

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